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About the Fallbrook Beautification Alliance PDF 

FBA BoardIn September, 2004, the Fallbrook Beautification Alliance was formed as a result of the Fallbrook Revitalization Council's recommendation to form an organization to improve collaboration between groups involved in beautification and maintenance efforts.

FBA Board of Directors:
  • MaryJo Bacik, Board Member
  • Marilee Breeding, Board Member
  • Harry Clyde, Board Member
  • Noelle Denke, Board Member
  • Jean Dooley, Board Member
  • Shirley Fender, Board Member
  • Karen Feyler, Board Member
  • Julie Gipner, Board Member
  • Jerri Patchett, President
  • Catherine Robinson, Board Member
  • Holly Stowell, Board Member
  • Joan Sucher, Board Member